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Series N Series N WT-N series, load cell balance. Accuracy 0.01g, max. range: 2000g. RS232 interface can be connected … Read more
Series NF Series NF WT-NF series, pan size: 160mm. 0.01g accuracy, max. range: 3000g. load cell balance. with RS232 inte… Read more
Series CF Series CF WT-CF series, pan size 160mm. 0.01g accuracy. max. range: 3000g. With RS232 interface can be connect… Read more
Series A Series A WT-A series, laod cell balance. 0.01g accuracy. max. range: 600g. Double display, wind shield, RS232… Read more
Series K Series K WT-K series, load cell balance. 0.01g accuracy, max. range 3000g. We also provide OEM service, print… Read more

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