Lab digital balance common fault analysis and solutions
 Jul 13, 2022|View:888

Lab digital balancegenerally uses a strain sensor, capacitive sensor, and electromagnetic balance sensor. Lab digital balance will inevitably have some problems in the process, we can be based on the following common fault to find.

Lab digital balance

1. The lifting ear falls off or slants to the side

The lifting lug of the lab digital balance falls off, for a long time because the balance is turned on and off too quickly, but the lifting lug is gently back on, and then use it. Such as hanging ear placement instability, the left and right sides will also cause the fall off. Use needle-nosed pliers to loosen the screws at the lower part of the small strut at the end of the transverse bracket, move the small strut to the left or right, tighten the screws and carry out the experiment until the side is no longer offset. If the lifting lugs jump before and after, you can use the baton to insert the upper hole of the small prop to rotate and adjust until the height of the small prop is the same.

2. The level of the tray is not appropriate

If the tray is too high, when the lab digital balance is closed, the tray will be lifted upward, sometimes causing the lifting ears to fall off. Take off the weighing tray, take out the tray, and adjust the position of the screw on the lower rod of the tray to change the height of the tray to fit.

3. The pointer jumps

When the beam is held up, if the distance between the blade of the fulcrum knife and the tool pad is different, when the balance is opened, the pointer will jump, and the screw in front of the left arm of the transverse bracket can be relaxed, and then the height of the small pillar can be adjusted by hand twisting until the pointer stops beating.

4. The index failed

First of all, the reading position of the index plate tightens the screw. If the hook on the weight fails to work, remove the cover behind the index plate and drop oil on it. If any screw is loose, tighten the screw. If the reading of the index plate does not match the weight added, loosen the screw on the eccentric wheel, after rotating to change the position of the eccentric wheel, tighten the screw.

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