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WANT JDW-30 10g/30kg Belt Checkweigher
WANT JDW-30 10g/30kg Belt Checkweigher
Product Detail


I. Basic Parameters:

(1) Product model: JDW-30

(2) Maximum weighing: 30kg

(3) Minimum weighing: 200g

(4) Display division value (d) : 10g

(5) Dynamic weighing accuracy: ≤± 3D (depending on package size and weight)

(6) System processing efficiency: 10 pieces/min (calculated by continuous delivery)

(7) Length * width of weighing conveying line: 600*500mm (suitable for products with size < 500*350mm and below)

(8) Height of working table: 700mm, adjustable range ± 50mm

(9) Applicable maximum item length: 500 mm

(10) Applicable maximum width: 350 mm

(Belt width: 400mm)

(11) Applicable minimum item spacing: ≥800 mm

(12) Belt linear speed: 1-25 m/min variable speed motor

(13) Table height :700±50mm (conveying to the ground height);

(14) Power supply voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz, one-way.

(15) Equipment structure material requirements: the main part of the frame 304 stainless steel material.

(16) After the detection of the article, the qualified delivery, unqualified stop the delivery and weighing;

(17) The upper limit value of the product can be set arbitrarily by the control instrument;

Ii. Work Flow

A. The operator sets the quantitative value of HI OK LO (call);

B. The conveyor starts to run, and the objects to be detected are sent to the conveyor. The system automatically detects the objects into the weighing platform, and after entering the weighing platform, the system automatically grabs the weight and determines the area value of the weight;

C. Qualified -- directly through and automatically transport the back end.

D. Unqualified -- three-color light alarm.

E. Completion of a process.

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