0.1 mg electronic balance weighing procedures and methods of use
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A.Remove the dust cover of the balance and lay it flat on the countertop at the right rear of the balance.

B.When weighing, the operator is seated facing the balance, the registration number is used for the record book, and the containers for storing and receiving the weighing objects are placed on the left (or right) side of the balance.

0.1mg electronic balance

C.Check and adjust

1. The temperature of the weighing object must be the same as that of the balance room. If the object to be weighed has been heated or cooled, the object must be left for a certain period of time after the temperature of the object is the same as that of the balance room, can be placed on a 0.1 mg electronic balance pallet for weighing. The weighing vessel should be kept clean and dry.

2. Check that the 0.1 mg electronic balance is in a horizontal position. If the bubble in the bubble level is not in the middle of the circle, stand up, look at the level and rotate the two pads under the bottom plate of the balance by hand, to adjust the height of the balance until it reaches a level. Do not move the position of 0.1 mg electronic balance when using.


1. Turn it on. Press the “On” button, balance self-check, and the final display is “0.0000G.

2. place the drying container (or weighing paper) on the weighing tray to show the container quality.3. Press“Tare” to clean and peel the container, then it will be in the state of zero. The displayed value of container quality has been removed, that is, the weight of the container has been peeled.4. Place the object in the container, and the displayed value is the mass value of the object.

Points to note:

(1)0.1 mg electronic balance should be in a horizontal state

(2)0.1 mg electronic balance shall be preheated in accordance with the specifications

(3) keep the indoor environment of the balance room clean, especially the weighing room. Once the items are scattered, they should be cleaned in time.

(4) when weighing volatile and corrosive articles, keep them in an airtight container to avoid corrosion and damage to 0.1 mg electronic balance.

(5) the operating balance must not be overloaded to avoid damaging the balance. That is, no more than 200g.

(6) the temperature of the object put into the balance should not be too high so as not to damage the instrument.

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