How to calibrate the balance after returning to work
 Jun 20, 2022|View:785

After staying at home and before returning to work, all walks of life need to do some preliminary preparations. The laboratory is no exception. There are many preparations that need to be done before resuming work.

For example, the electronic balance in the laboratory has not been used for a long time, which is prone to weighing errors. To eliminate errors, we need to calibrate the balance before use.

First: adjust the laboratory ambient temperature to a suitable range, the optimal working temperature of the balance is between 10°C-30°C, and the daily temperature change does not exceed 4°C.

Second: power on the electronic balance to preheat. Different precision balances have different preheating requirements. It is recommended that 0.01mg precision balances be preheated for more than 4 hours, 0.1mg precision balances are preheated for more than 1 hour, and 1mg precision balances are preheated for more than 30 minutes.

Then: Calibrate the balance.

The calibration of the balance is divided into external calibration and internal calibration. External calibration requires the use of special weights corresponding to the level of the balance. After entering the external calibration program, manually complete the calibration operation according to the prompt information on the balance display. The internal calibration is done automatically by the electronic balance through the built-in calibration mechanism. During the calibration process, please observe the information on the display screen to judge whether the calibration is successful.