0.01g Balance requirements for placement environment conditions and methods using 0.01g Balance
 Jul 28, 2022|View:977

0.01g Balanceis an indispensable instrument in Quantitative analysis work. A good understanding of the performance of the instrument and a good command of its GE guarantee reliable analysis results. 0.01g Balance is also very demanding to use, so the placement environment and GE method are specified. 0.01g Balance will be placed in the following environment:

0.01g Balance

1.0.01g Balance will have a dedicated 0.01g Balance room, 0.01g Balance will be placed on a dedicated marble or hard flat surface with a buffer in the middle. 0.01g Balance room shall be free from airflow, strong vibration, and strong magnetic field. And pay attention to dust. The ambient temperature of 0.01g Balance chamber is 15-30 ° C and humidity is 55-75%.

2. Have a person responsible for detailed records of environmental conditions and daily use, and 0.01g Balance status, daily maintenance records.

3. To carry out periodic verification and verification of the certification, periodic verification should be carried out during the verification period.

Steps and methods for using 0.01g Balance:

1. Determine the maximum mass of the material to be weighed and the accuracy required in this experiment. Check that the 0.01g Balance is level and the environment conforms to the requirements, and make sure that the 0.01g Balance is working properly.

2. Solids should be dried at room temperature (hot or cold objects should be placed in the dryer to room temperature before weighing), corrosive or moist objects should be placed in weighing bottles or other closed containers, and general objects with weighing paper can be. Place the weighing bottle or paper in the center of 0.01g Balance. Take and put the object slowly. Wait for the 0.01g Balance data to be stable before reading the data and recording the data in detail.

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