How 0.1mg electronic balance works and how to use it
 Aug 05, 2022|View:870

0.1mg electronic balanceusually uses an electromagnetic force sensor (see load cell) to form a closed-loop automatic regulation system with high accuracy and good stability. The principle of 0.1mg electronic balance: when the scale is added to the scale, the position detector signal of the sensor changes, and the amplifier feedback increases the current in the sensor coil, at the same time, the voltage value of the current on the measuring resistance RM is sent to the microprocessor through a filter and an A/D converter for data processing, finally, the display automatically shows the value of the called mass.

0.1mg electronic balance

Method of operation:

1. Check and adjust 0.1mg electronic balance to a horizontal position.

2. Pre-check that the power supply voltage is matched (if necessary, the configuration of voltage regulator), according to the requirements of the instrument to warm up to the time required.

3. After enough preheating time, the 0.1mg electronic balance switch is turned on, and the 0.1mg electronic balance automatically adjusts the sensitivity and zero point. After the stable sign is shown, the official weighing can be carried out.

4. When weighing, place the clean weighing bottle or paper on the weighing tray, close the side door, and press the Peel Button. 0.1mg electronic balance will automatically check the zero point, then gradually add the material until the required weight.

5. The weight of the said substance is the actual value displayed on the screen when the”→” sign appears in the lower left corner of the screen.

6. At the end of weighing, the weighing bottle (paper) should be removed in time, the side door should be closed, the power should be cut off, and the use of registration.