Why does digital electronic balance close the side door when viewing the displayed values
 Aug 11, 2022|View:188

Digital electronic balance is an integrated product of the development of sensing, analog, digital and microprocessor technology. It has many functions, such as automatic calibration, automatic display, overload protection and so on. Since the digital electronic balance is a very sensitive and high-precision weighing instrument, it can be accurate to 3,4,5 decimal places, closing the side door to block the air convection inside and outside, reducing the influence of the air convection on the reading, thus reducing the error of weighing data.

digital electronic balance

The use of digital electronic balance is also a feature. Only after preheating, the magnet will be balanced accordingly, and digital electronic balance will also be balanced. The preprocessing time is mainly controlled by the preprocessing time of digital electronic balance, and the preprocessing time must be combined with the calibration score and the score of digital electronic balance. The overall result, of course, is that the warm-up time varies slightly from vendor to vendor with digital electronic balance performance. However, it is necessary to preheat the digital electronic balance for more than half an hour before verification. It should be noted that the preheating time of digital electronic balance is closely related to the verification accuracy. The higher the accuracy of digital electronic balance, the longer the warm-up time, so you must follow the instructions of digital electronic balance to achieve the warm-up time before verification.

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