How can electronic balance for laboratory be leveled?
 Jan 05, 2023|View:267

The electronic balance for laboratory is an extremely demanding environment. In order to achieve accurate weighing, the gravity of the object to be measured should ideally be perfectly perpendicular to the balance sensor lever, whereas in practice weighing errors can occur due to uneven placement. This is due to the fact that in the unleveled position, the gravity force and the sensor are at an angle, thus generating a splitting force and bringing about a weighing error.

electronic balance for laboratory

The electronic balance for laboratory has an error standard for inclined conditions, and exceeding a certain inclination will affect the accuracy of the weighing results. In order to reduce weighing errors, a good level adjustment before using the balance becomes an essential part of the weighing preparation.

The electronic balance for laboratory is adjusted in two steps.

The first step is to adjust the water bubble to the central line of the black circle of the horizontal bubble by individually rotating one of the left or right leveling feet, i.e. by adjusting the tilt of the balance, the horizontal bubble can be adjusted to the central line.

For the first-time balance user, determining which leveling foot to adjust is the key to the problem. There is a simple way to judge this, first, manually tilt the balance slightly so that the horizontal bubble reaches the center line, then look at the height of the leveling feet on the left and right sides and adjust the height of one of them to keep the horizontal bubble at the center line.

The second step is to keep the bubble moving along the center line, eventually reaching the center of the black circle by rotating the two leveling feet at the front or back at the same time, remembering that both hands must have the same amplitude and both must be clockwise or anti-clockwise at the same time, then the balance tilt remains the same, allowing the bubble to move along the center line, eventually reaching the center of the black circle.

If the amplitude of the two hands is not the same, the bubble will move away from the central line. Once shifted, it is necessary to start again from the first step. A skilled operator can usually level the bubble of an electronic balance in 1 to 2 minutes.

The above is the method of electronic balance for laboratory level adjustment, hope it can help you, if you have other questions or needs about this, you can contact us directly.